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Picture Prompt

What is Lost? Writing Prompt

The boy in the image looks sad because he lost something important. Write a story about what he lost and how he tries to find it. Does he get any help along the way?

Warm-Up Discussion Questions

What do you think the boy in the image has lost that is making him feel so sad?

How would losing something important make you feel and why?

What steps can the boy take to try to find what he’s lost?

Can you think of someone who might be able to help the boy in his search?

How does the setting in the photo affect the mood of the story?

What impact does the boy’s expression have on how you perceive the story?

What emotions do you think the boy is experiencing other than sadness?

What obstacles might the boy encounter on his journey to find what he’s lost?

How would the story change if it was about a joyful reunion instead of a loss?

If you were writing the story, how would you end it? Does the boy find what he lost?

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