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Picture Prompt

Puppy Jumping Skills Picture Prompt

This puppy loves to show off its jumping skills. Write about a day at the park where the puppy shows its best tricks to all its friends.

Warm-Up Discussion Questions

What sequencing words could you use to put the events of this day in order?

What kind of tricks do you think the puppy could perform at the park?

How do you imagine the puppy learned to jump so high?

What reactions might the other animals or people in the park have to the puppy’s jumping skills?

Can you describe a special obstacle or trick that would impress the puppy’s friends?

Why do dogs enjoy playing and showing off tricks at the park?

What emotions do you think the puppy feels when jumping and performing tricks?

How might the weather affect the puppy’s ability to perform tricks at the park?

What could be some challenges the puppy might face while performing?

How would you prepare to show your own pet’s skills at the park?

What lessons can we learn from the puppy’s determination and joy in performing tricks?

Think of the one extra-special trick that your puppy performs. Bring this moment to life by using your senses to describe the moment in as much detail as you can!

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