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Picture Prompt

High-tech Boats Picture Prompt

It’s 2050, and you are on away on a trip of a lifetime using these high-tech boats. Write a diary entry about your day, what technology you use, and how life differs from today.

Warm-Up Discussion Questions

How do you imagine a high-tech boat operates, and what kind of features does it have?

Can you describe what the environment looks like in 2050 and how it compares to today’s world?

What new technologies are available in 2050 that help you get around?

How does the high-tech boat make your travel experience different and potentially better than current modes of transport?

In what ways has daily life changed by 2050 due to advances in technology?

What activities might you do?

How do you interact with nature and the environment, and has technology changed that relationship?

What new forms of entertainment might be available in 2050 that you could include in your diary entry?

Imagine how people communicate in 2050; how do you stay in touch with friends and family while on vacation?

What does a typical day look like in the future, from the moment you wake up to when you go to sleep?

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