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Picture Prompt

Futuristic World Writing Prompt

A student stumbles upon a mysterious laptop under a gigantic tree made of code. When they turn it on, they find themselves transported into a futuristic world where nature and technology are seamlessly integrated. What challenges and wonders do they encounter?

Warm-Up Discussion Questions

How does the student feel when they discover the mysterious laptop, and why?

What do you think a world where nature and technology are integrated might look like?

Can you describe the first creature or person the student meets in this futuristic world?

What kind of challenges might exist in a place where nature and technology are one?

What amazing sights might the student see in the new world that are different from our own?

How does the student navigate through this new environment? What tools or skills do they use?

How does the presence of code in nature change the way animals and plants behave?

What lessons might the student learn about the relationship between nature and technology?

Can you invent a new plant or animal that the student could discover in this digital-organic world?

If the student could bring one thing back to our world from their adventure, what should it be and why?

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