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Picture Prompt

Dragon’s Perspective Writing Prompt

Write about the dragon’s perspective as it encounters the person in the boat. What does the dragon see, feel, and plan to do next?

Warm-Up Discussion Questions

How do you think the dragon feels about seeing the person in the boat?

What might the dragon be thinking in this moment?

What kind of environment are the dragon and the person in, and how does this setting affect their encounter?

How can the fog in the image influence the dragon’s perspective or actions?

From the image, what could be the reasons the dragon has for approaching the boat?

In what ways can the dragon’s size compared to the boat add to its thoughts or feelings?

What previous experiences might the dragon have had with humans that could shape this encounter?

What do you imagine the person in the boat is doing, and how could this affect the dragon’s response?

Could the dragon be curious, protective, or threatened — and what clues in the image suggest this?

If the dragon could speak, what might it say to the person in the boat?

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