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Picture Prompt

Village Stone Houses Picture Prompt

Recount one day in the life of a child growing up in one of these stone houses.

Warm-Up Discussion Questions

What do you think: how long ago did people live here?

What kind of activities do you think children do in a village like this?

Can you describe the environment around the stone houses and how it might influence daily life?

How do you imagine the inside of these stone houses might look and feel?

What sort of chores might a child living in this village have to do?

How would children in the village play together, considering there might not be modern technology around?

How might the seasons affect the daily routines of children living here?

What are some ways children might help their families prepare food in this setting?

What kind of wildlife or animals might a child encounter around these houses?

How could living in such a close-knit village community affect friendships and relationships?

If there was an event or celebration in the village, what role do you think children would play in it?

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