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Anlorian Writing Prompt

You discover the ancient structure on Anloria, a planet known for its unique golden landscapes and towering, otherworldly structures. Write about your encounter with the Anlorians, their advanced technology, and their way of life. How do they react to your arrival, and what do you learn from them?

Warm-Up Discussion Questions

What might the ancient structure on Anloria look like and how do you think it was built?

Can you describe the environment surrounding the structure and how the golden landscapes affect the feeling of the scene?

What advanced technology do the Anlorians use and how is it different from technology on Earth?

How do you imagine the Anlorians reacting to someone visiting their planet for the first time?

In what ways might the culture and way of life of the Anlorians be unique?

What lessons could humans learn from the Anlorians about living in harmony with their environment?

How might the concept of time or space travel be integrated into Anlorian society?

What sort of government or leadership system could the Anlorians have in place?

Could the Anlorians have a special way of communicating and how would you try to understand them?

What kind of challenges might you face on Anloria and how would you overcome them?

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