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Picture Prompt

Enchanted Forest Treasure Picture Prompt

There is a rumour that a hidden treasure is buried somewhere in the enchanted forest. Describe your journey as you search for the treasure. Who helps you along the way? What challenges do you face?

Warm-Up Discussion Questions

What magical creatures might live in the enchanted forest and how would they interact with a treasure seeker?

Can you imagine any special powers or items you would use to help you find the treasure? Describe them.

What sort of challenges do you think you could face while searching for treasure in an enchanted forest?

Who would you choose to be your companion on this adventure, and why would they be a good helper?

How would the changing seasons or weather affect your search for the hidden treasure?

If you came across a riddle or a puzzle in the forest, how would you go about solving it?

What might the hidden treasure in the enchanted forest look like and why is it so special?

Would you share the treasure if you found it, and if so, with who and why?

How would you feel during your journey and what emotions might you experience if you face setbacks?

What lessons do you think you might learn about nature and respect for the environment while on your quest?

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