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Picture Prompt

The Lab Choose Your Own Adventure – Sonic Soarers

Step up and into the Sonic Soarers, showcased in The Lab’s gleaming display. These are no ordinary shoes, they pulsate with a mysterious energy that promises unparalleled speed. Designed to let you dash through the air, the Soarers could be the key to outpacing any challenge. Write a narrative about the first adventure you have while wearing these shoes.

Things to think about when choosing this path:

  1. How would you describe these shoes?
  2. Use your senses to describe what happens in the first 5 seconds of putting on these shoes.
  3. How does it feel when you put the shoes on?
  4. How would having super speed change the way you move through life?
  5. Can you imagine a situation where super speed might cause more problems than it solves?
  6. Describe a scenario where using the Sonic Soarers could help you achieve something you couldn’t do before.
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