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The Lab Choose Your Own Adventure – Halo Ring

Behold the Halo Ring, hovering gloriously in The Lab. This isn’t just any ring, it has the power to create a protective shield around its bearer. As the light catches its surface, the ring sparkles with a promise of safety and mystery. Write a narrative about the first adventure you have while wearing this ring.

Things to think about when choosing this path:

  1. How would you describe this ring?
  2. Use your senses to describe what happens in the first 5 seconds of putting on the ring.
  3. What would you feel when you put on the Halo Ring and activate its powers?
  4. How do you start and stop it?
  5. How might the Halo Ring’s protective shield change how you approach dangerous situations?
  6. Imagine you’re in a scenario where the shield is your only protection. How would you use it to escape or solve a problem?
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