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Picture Prompt

Elephant Journey Creative Writing Prompt

As the majestic elephant reached the summit, it encountered a rare rainbow that marked the end of its long journey and promised the discovery of something extraordinary.

Warm-Up Discussion Questions

Why do you think the elephant has been on a long journey?

What could the rainbow in the elephant’s journey symbolize?

What sort of extraordinary things might the elephant discover after finding the rainbow?

How do you imagine the elephant feels upon reaching the summit and seeing the rainbow?

What challenges do you think the elephant faced on its way to the summit?

Why might the summit be an important place for the elephant’s journey?

Can you think of any stories or myths that involve rainbows that could relate to this elephant’s journey?

How does the weather in the image affect the mood of the elephant’s journey?

What lessons do you think the elephant learned during its journey?

What other animals or characters might the elephant meet at the end of the rainbow?

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