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Picture Prompt

Summer Retreat Picture Prompt

The image shows a unique door nestled in a lush hillside. Imagine this door leads to your perfect summer retreat. What would it look like? What special features would it have? Would it be a place for adventure, relaxation, learning, or something completely different? Recount your first day arriving there. Describe the activities you would partake in, the people or creatures you might meet, and how this place helps you grow or enjoy your summer. Feel free to include magical or futuristic elements that make your retreat one-of-a-kind!

Warm-Up Discussion Questions

What do you imagine is behind the unique door in the hillside?

If you could design your own summer retreat, what special features would you include?

Would you prefer your retreat to be a place for adventure or relaxation, and why?

Describe an ideal first day at your summer retreat, including any activities you would like to do.

What kind of people, animals, or magical creatures would you like to meet at your retreat?

How do you imagine the inside of your retreat looking compared to the outside?

Can you think of any futuristic technology or magical elements you would want at your retreat?

How might the features of your retreat help you to relax or stay entertained during the summer?

What kinds of foods or meals would you like to have at your summer retreat?

How would spending time at your unique summer retreat help you grow or learn?

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