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Picture Prompt

Unique Rock Writing Prompt

You are a scientist studying volcanic rocks. One day, you find a unique, shimmering stone that looks different. You notice that the stone reacts strangely to heat, glowing brighter and revealing hidden patterns. What happens next?

Warm-Up Discussion Questions

How many different types of rocks do you know?

Can you think of ways rocks might look or behave differently when they are exposed to heat?

What is a scientific breakthrough and how could a new type of rock lead to one?

What patterns could appear on a rock that reacts to heat and why might these be important?

What tools or methods could scientists use to study a rock’s reaction to heat?

How could a new discovery about volcanic rocks impact the way we predict volcanic eruptions?

Imagine you’ve found a rock with hidden patterns that glow—what steps would you take to investigate it?

What powers could a rock like this have?

How could you harness the power of this rock?

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