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Picture Prompt

Robotic Bees Creative Writing Prompt

In a world where nature has blended with technology, write about the guardians of the forest, a swarm of robotic bees. What are their duties, and how do they interact with the environment around them?

Warm-Up Discussion Questions

How might these robotic bees help protect the plants and animals in the forest?

What special abilities could these robotic bees have that regular bees do not?

How do the robotic bees communicate with each other, and why is that important?

What kinds of dangers or problems in the forest would require the help of robotic bees?

Can you imagine how these bees interact with the water, air, and soil of their environment?

What tasks do you think these robotic bees perform daily to maintain the forest?

How might weather conditions impact the way these robotic bees function?

Could the robotic bees have any form of emotions, and how would that influence their duties?

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