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Picture Prompt

Talking Tree Writing Prompt

As you hike through the forest, you encounter a tree with a face so expressive it seems almost alive. Surprisingly, it begins to speak to you. What does it say?

Warm-Up Discussion Questions

What kind of personality do you think the tree would have, and how would it speak to you?

What tales might the tree share about the forest and the other creatures that live there?

How could a tree learn the wisdom that it shares with you during the conversation?

What questions would you ask the tree to learn more about its life and the ecology of the forest?

What are some ways humans impact the forest, and might the tree have opinions about them?

If the tree could share one major concern about the environment, what do you think it would be?

Imagine what advice the tree would give to children about playing and exploring in the forest.

What message of wisdom would you take away from your conversation with the tree?

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