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Enchanted Storytelling Picture Prompt

Each day, as the sun sets, your new friend, a large and lovable creature from a realm beyond ours, arrives to share a wonder-filled story. Their tales come from places you could only dream of—enchanted islands, bustling cities where creatures of all kinds coexist, or mysterious planets with rings of glittering dust. Today, they begin a story that seems to have a strange connection to your own life. As you listen, you realize this tale might be about you. What is the story, and how does it intertwine with your reality?

Warm-Up Discussion Questions

What are some characteristics of your new friend?

Can you describe an enchanted island and what makes it magical to you?

What sort of enchanted world could this creature live in?

How can a story from a different realm relate to events or emotions in your own world?

What do you think are some signs that the creature’s story is connected to your own life?

How would you feel if you found out a story was about you, and why?

What would you ask the creature to understand more about the connection between the story and your life?

What sort of lessons or messages might the creature be trying to convey through his tale?

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