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Picture Prompt

Mysterious Cyclist Picture Prompt

Everyone in the village talks about the mysterious cyclist who speeds through the forest road every evening. One day, you decide to follow and find out why. Tell us what you discover about the cyclist’s identity and their reason for this daily ride.

Warm-Up Discussion Questions

What kind of bicycle is the cyclist riding and how is it suited for a forest road?

Why do you think the mysterious cyclist chooses to ride in the evening?

What emotions might the cyclist be feeling as they race through the forest?

How might the forest look and sound as the sun sets and evening approaches?

What might be some of the challenges or dangers of cycling in a forest road?

Can you describe the cyclist’s attire and how it helps them on their ride?

What could be the reason behind the cyclist’s daily ride through the forest?

What kind of wildlife or natural elements might the cyclist encounter on their route?

If you discovered the identity of the cyclist, how would you react and what would you do next?

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