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Antique Table Creative Writing Prompt

You’ve just inherited an old, creaky house from a relative you never knew existed. In one of the dusty rooms, you find an antique wooden table with a lit candle, a note on an old piece of paper, and a peculiar key. Write a story about what the key unlocks and the secrets hidden in the note.

Warm-Up Discussion Questions

What do you imagine the old house looks like, and how do you feel as you enter it?

Why do you think the relative you never knew left you the house?

Describe the room where the antique table is found. What other objects are there?

How does the candlelight affect the atmosphere of the room?

What could be written on the note, and why is it important?

The key found on the table is peculiar. What makes it stand out, and what do you think it unlocks?

What kinds of secrets do you think might be hidden in the note?

If the key unlocks a hidden place in the house, what do you imagine is inside?

How might the items on the table be clues to understanding your relative’s past?

As you begin to uncover the secrets of the house, what do you think you’ll discover about your family’s history?

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