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Picture Prompt

Perfect Rainy Day Creative Writing Prompt

Describe your perfect rainy day. What would you do, where would you be, and how does the rain make everything better?

Warm-Up Discussion Questions

What kind of activities do you enjoy doing on a rainy day?

Can you describe a place where you’d love to spend time during a rain shower?

How can the sound of rain affect your mood or feelings?

What are some of your favourite rainy day memories?

Why do you think rain can make certain moments seem special or different?

How would you dress for your perfect rainy day to stay comfortable and dry?

What kind of games or crafts would you create if you had to stay indoors while it’s raining?

If you could be outdoors in the rain, what would you like to do?

How does the rainy weather change the environment around us?

If you could share a rainy day with anyone, who would it be and what would you do together?

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