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Picture Prompt

Chocolate Delight Writing Prompt

You have created the most unique piece of chocolate! It might look rather ordinary on the outside, but the inside holds a surprising secret! Start by describing the exterior of your chocolate. Then, dive into what makes the filling extraordinary. What flavours have you combined, or have you invented something entirely new? Share how it feels, tastes, and smells, and tell us what makes your chocolate uniquely delightful.

Warm-Up Discussion Questions

Describe what a delicious chocolate treat might look like.

When you imagine biting into this chocolate, describe the textures you think you would feel.

If you could choose a surprise filling for the chocolate, what would it be and why?

How would the filling inside the chocolate contrast with the outer chocolate layer?

What are some unusual flavors that you think could be combined to create an extraordinary chocolate filling?

How might eating this special chocolate make you feel and why?

Describe chocolate melting in your mouth.

If you were to share this chocolate with a friend, how would you describe the taste to them before they try it?

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