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Picture Prompt

Protector Writing Prompt

In a twist of roles, this little girl is known throughout the animal kingdom as the fierce protector of all creatures. How did she win the lion’s trust and become his protector? Write her story, filled with challenges she overcame and acts of courage that proved her strength and trust. Tell us how she became known as the guardian of the lion.

Warm-Up Discussion Questions

What qualities do you think make someone a good protector? Is being strong the only important quality?

Why might animals trust a little girl to be their protector? What qualities might she have that would earn their trust?

Imagine you are the girl. What would you do first to show the animals you are a friend and not a threat?

Think about the lion in the picture. What might he be looking for in a friend or a protector?

What challenges might the girl face? How could she overcome those challenges?

What could be the biggest act of courage the little girl performs?

What can we learn from the girl’s relationship with the lion about how to treat animals in real life?

How do you think the girl feels being the guardian of such a powerful creature? Do you think she is ever scared, and how does she deal with her fear?

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