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Picture Prompt

Small Moment Writing Prompt

Write about this moment, when the morning sun begins its ascent, engaging all your senses as its rays peek through the trees. Describe the scene where this gentle warmth touches a young deer among a sea of flowers. Consider all your senses: the coolness of the dew, the soft rustle of leaves, the visual tapestry of colours, and the subtle scents of the morning. What emotions and thoughts does this symphony of senses inspire in you?

Warm-Up Discussion Questions

How does the morning sunlight make the colors of the flowers look different than they do at other times of the day?

What might a young deer be doing in a field of flowers at sunrise?

Can you describe the sounds you might hear in a forest early in the morning?

What type of flowers do you imagine the deer is surrounded by, and what scents might they give off?

How would the dew on the grass feel to the touch if you were walking through it?

Why do you think the morning sun has such a powerful effect on the environment?

What emotions do you feel when you look at a peaceful scene like the one with the young deer in the flowers?

How does the sun’s light interacting with nature create a sense of calm or inspiration?

What kind of wildlife besides the deer might be waking up with the morning sun?

How can we describe the peacefulness of a forest scene using all our senses?

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