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Sustainable City Planning Picture Prompt

You are a city planner tasked with designing a sustainable future city. Prepare an information report detailing your strategy for integrating green spaces into densely populated places worldwide. Your report should cover innovative concepts such as vertical gardens, rooftop parks, and other pioneering green initiatives contributing to a more eco-friendly world.

Warm-Up Discussion Questions

What are some benefits of adding green spaces to a city?

How can plants grow on buildings, and what are vertical gardens?

Can you think of ways to use rooftops for creating parks in your city?

Why is it important to have green spaces in densely populated places?

What challenges do city planners face when trying to integrate green spaces in cities?

How do green spaces in cities help the environment?

Can you name some plants that would be good for growing on buildings or in rooftop parks?

What innovative ideas can we use to create more green spaces in our schools or communities?

How might wildlife benefit from vertical gardens and rooftop parks?

In what ways can green spaces contribute to the health and well-being of city residents?

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