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Armchair Adventure Writing Prompt

You’ve always dreamed of adventure but never imagined it was coming while sitting in your favorite armchair. Suddenly, hundreds of colourful balloons lift you into the sky! Write a narrative about the sights you see, the characters you meet, and how you navigate your way back home.

Warm-Up Discussion Questions

How would you describe the balloons?

What kind of landscapes do you see as you float above the earth, and how would you describe them?

Can you create a list of items you would see from above if you were floating over your own town or city?

What emotions might you feel as you soar through the sky, and how would you cope with them?

Who are the people or creatures you might encounter in the clouds, and what do they look like or behave like?

What would you say or ask if you met someone else floating in the sky on their own piece of furniture?

How does the world look different from such a high perspective and what new things do you notice?

Imagine how you would navigate your way back home using just the armchair and balloons. What methods could you use to steer and descend?

What challenges might you face on your adventure in the sky and how would you overcome them?

After returning home, how would you describe your adventure to friends and family, and what would you take away from the experience?

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