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Graffiti Art Design Prompt

Your mission is to design graffiti art that whispers, shouts, and sings your views into the world in a peaceful yet powerful way. Through your street art, you can spark a brighter, kinder world—one splash of paint at a time.
Optional Extra: This prompt is inspired by an artist called ‘Banksy’, research his art and discuss what you think he is communicating through a few of his artworks.

1. Brainstorm

Reflect on our Warm-Up Discussion Questions (below) to inspire your ideas.

2. Quick Sketch

Create a rough sketch of your graffiti design.

3. Share and Get Feedback

Once you have a draft of your design, share it with your classmates, friends, or family. Ask for their honest feedback. What do they think about when they see your design? How does it make them feel? What do they take away from the message?

4. Improve and Publish

Take the feedback you’ve received and think about how you can refine your design. Does the imagery represent the message you wish to convey? Can the symbols or words be misinterpreted? Take time to create your final design.

5. Describe

  • Where would you place your graffiti? (Ignore laws, safety, and permissions—that’s one of the many reasons writing is so fun!)
  • Describe each element of the design and explain what it represents.
  • What resources would you need to create your design?
  • When you create your art, you’re like a superhero, sending out a signal that can help people see new things or understand different feelings. Explain what you wish people would chat about after looking at your art and why this message is important to you.

Ensure your description paints a vivid picture, allowing others to visualize and understand the central message of your graffiti art.

Warm-Up Discussion Questions

What feelings do you want to evoke in people who see your art?

Can you think of a place where your graffiti might inspire or comfort the most people?

What kind of images or symbols would you include to represent your message?

How can your art encourage people to act kindly or make positive changes?

What colors would you use in your graffiti, and what do those colours mean to you?

How can the elements of your design work together to tell a story or send a message?

What unique touches can you add to your graffiti to make it stand out and be remembered?

What important message do you want to share through your art, and why is it significant to you?

How would you explain the purpose of your graffiti to someone who has never seen it before?

What do you hope people will do or think differently after they see your graffiti?

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