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Picture Prompt

Lost Sheep Picture Prompt

Look at the shepherd with his sheep in the fading light. Write a diary entry from the shepherd’s point of view. What might he be thinking as he watches over his sheep? Perhaps he’s reflecting on his day, the beauty of the land, or even thinking about the one sheep that always seems to wander. Use descriptive words to paint the scene and share his feelings.

Warm-Up Discussion Questions

What do you think the shepherd’s daily routine is like when taking care of his sheep?

How might the shepherd feel as he sits and watches the sunset with his flock?

What are some responsibilities that a shepherd has towards his sheep?

Why do you think one sheep might wander away from the group more often than the others?

What thoughts might be going through the shepherd’s mind as he ends his day?

What are some challenges the shepherd might face while taking care of his sheep?

The Parable of the Lost Sheep

  1. Why does the shepherd leave his flock to search for just one lost sheep? What does this tell you about the shepherd’s values and responsibilities?
  2. The Parable of the Lost Sheep is often used to teach about caring for everyone. How might the shepherd in the picture show care and concern for each sheep?
  3. If the shepherd in our image had a lost sheep, what might be going through his mind as he plans to search for it?
  4. In the parable, there is great joy when the lost sheep is found. How do you think the shepherd might celebrate when a lost sheep returns?
  5. This image could represent a moment from a Bible story. What lessons do you think the story of the lost sheep teaches, and why are these lessons important for people to learn?
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