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Picture Prompt

Other Dimensions Picture Prompt

The screens on the wall are portals to other dimensions. Write about a character who discovers this secret and decides to step through. What kind of world do they find on the other side, and what adventure awaits them there?

Warm-Up Discussion Questions

Why do you think the character would want to step through a portal to another dimension?

What might be the rules or characteristics of the other dimension the character steps into?

How would the character feel as they step through the portal, and why?

What challenges might the character face in the new world they discover?

Can you imagine and describe the creatures or people the character might meet on the other side?

How would the character determine which screen to step through?

What items would the character take with them on their adventure, and how would these items help?

What kind of help or allies might the character seek in the new dimension?

How could the character’s actions in the alternate dimension affect their original world?

What would be the ultimate goal for the character in the new dimension, and what would they hope to accomplish?

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