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Picture Prompt

Hurrying Creative Writing Prompt

Amid a vast field of whispering grass, you spot a figure moving swiftly towards an unknown destination. Write a description of these few moments as they race through the field. Include details that tell the reader who this person is and where they are hurrying to. Include descriptive language to explain what they see, hear, and feel as they rush through the field.

Warm-Up Discussion Questions

Can you describe what the ‘whispering grass’ might sound like?

What time of day does it look like in the image, and how does that affect the story you might tell?

Why do you think the person is moving swiftly? What could be motivating them?

What do you think the person in the picture is feeling as they move through the field of grass?

What challenges might the person face as they hurry through the field?

What could the unknown destination of the person be?

If the person is running away from something, what or who might it be?

What creative details can you add to make your description more interesting and unique?

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