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Picture Prompt

Pot of Gold Creative Writing Prompt

As you walk across the grass, you find a pot full of shiny gold coins. You can’t believe that no one else noticed it! What would you do with this treasure? What would you buy? Include details about what you would buy and how you would use your purchases. And if you shared the gold, who would you share it with and why? Remember, the best answers have fun details!

Warm-Up Discussion Questions

What is your reaction when finding the pot of gold?

Imagine the best thing you could buy with the gold coins. Describe it in detail, including why it’s important to you.

If the gold coins are ancient or rare, would you consider donating any to a museum or historical society? Why or why not?

Would you invest any of the treasure for future use? If so, in what way?

Who would you share the gold with? Why?

How could you use part of the treasure to help your community?

How would you explain your new purchases or financial freedom to friends and family if you decided to keep the treasure a secret?

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