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Picture Prompt

Community Dance Celebration Writing Prompt

Step into the shoes of one of the dancers in the picture. You are at the heart of a celebration, a special occasion that sparks excitement across your community each year. Write a recount of the event you are celebrating and the dance you are performing, detailing the moments that make it unforgettable.

Warm-Up Discussion Questions

What is the occasion that is being celebrated with a dance?

Can you describe the clothing the dancers are wearing?

What kind of music might be playing during the dance?

How do the dancers feel as they move to the rhythm of the music?

What are some traditions or symbols associated with the event?

Why is this event important to the community?

How can you tell that the dance is an expression of excitement and celebration?

What makes this dance different from a regular dance party?

How does the dance bring the community together?

What would you like to remember most about the dance when you tell someone about it?

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