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Picture Prompt

Summer Camping Choose Your Own Adventure

Unzip your tent to a world where summer’s heat gently embraces the land. Write a narrative that captures the essence of a lush, sunbathed landscape, with the gentle river whispering stories of summer joy. How does the heat ripple through the air, and what adventures do you find in the light-dappled forest?

Things to think about when choosing this path:

  1. What kind of sounds do you think you might hear in a forest during the summer?
  2. Can you describe how the warmth of the sun feels on your skin?
  3. What types of animals do you imagine might be active in the summer woods?
  4. What activities could you do in a summertime forest landscape like this one?
  5. How would you describe the way the sunlight filters through the trees?
  6. What kind of adventures or stories can you imagine taking place in this summer setting?
  7. How does the flowing water of the river add to the summer atmosphere in this picture?
  8. Imagine stepping outside the tent in this picture; what is the first thing you would want to do?
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