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Picture Prompt

Spring Camping Choose Your Own Adventure

As you peer out of your tent, a roaring waterfall heralds the vibrant energy of spring. Narrate the awakening of life around you, with every bud and blossom bursting with vitality. How does the thunderous waterfall, fed by the meltwaters, set the scene for a journey of discovery in this stirring world?

Things to think about when choosing this path:

  1. How do you think the sound of the waterfall affects the environment around it?
  2. What kind of animals might be coming out of hibernation or migrating to this area in spring?
  3. Can you describe the changes in the landscape as snow melts and new plants start to grow?
  4. What emotions do you feel when looking at the powerful waterfall and blossoming nature?
  5. What activities might people in the tent do to explore or appreciate the springtime surroundings?
  6. Why do you think spring is often called a ‘new beginning’?
  7. What differences might you notice in this landscape between morning and evening in spring?
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