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Valentine’s Day Interview Picture Prompt

As a unique project for Valentine’s Day, your teacher challenges you to delve into a historical or personal perspective on the holiday. You are to interview a figure – it could be someone from your family, a historical icon, a futuristic visionary, or a renowned personality you admire.

Your task is to uncover their most memorable Valentine’s Day experience, and analyze how their perspectives and experiences contrast or align with modern-day celebrations of love and friendship.

Your Task:

  1. Selection and Rationale: Choose your interviewee thoughtfully. They could be a grandparent with a story from decades ago, a famous historical figure, a character from a possible future, or a contemporary hero. Explain your choice and what you hope to learn from them.
  2. The Interview Process: Craft thoughtful, open-ended questions that delve into their experiences and feelings about Valentine’s Day. Document their narrative, focusing on the details and emotions of their most memorable celebration of the day.
  3. Analytical Reflection: Reflect on their story in the context of today’s world. What aspects of their experience are timeless, and what elements reflect their era or circumstances? How does their story challenge or reinforce your understanding of love and friendship?
  4. Personal Impact and Conclusion: Discuss how this interview reshaped or affirmed your views on Valentine’s Day. What insights did you gain about the evolution of love and friendship across different eras or from diverse perspectives?

Warm-Up Discussion Questions

What makes Valentine’s Day special to different people and cultures?

How have the ways we celebrate Valentine’s Day changed over time?

Can you think of any stories or traditions related to Valentine’s Day in your family?

Why might it be interesting to learn about Valentine’s Day from someone much older or younger than you?

What could we learn from a famous person’s experience of Valentine’s Day in the past?

Why is it important to ask about emotions and feelings when talking about a holiday like Valentine’s Day?

What questions would you ask to find out how someone’s greatest Valentine’s Day reflects the era they lived in?

How might the concept of love and friendship be different in the future?

What part of a Valentine’s Day story could be surprising or unexpected?

In what ways do you think your own experience of Valentine’s Day could influence how you see others’ stories?

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