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Valentine’s Day Pet Parade

Get ready for the most adorable event of the year – the Valentine’s Day Pet Parade!

This is your chance to show off your pet’s style and your creative flair. Your mission is to design a costume for your pet full of love and Valentine’s cheer.

Here’s What to Do:

  1. Choose your pet or imagine a dream pet you’d love to have. Think about what represents Valentine’s Day to you. Is it hearts, flowers, smiles, or something totally unique?
  2. Design a costume that your pet would look cute in. Does it have sparkly hearts? Is it a fluffy Cupid with wings? Maybe it’s a superhero outfit with a heart emblem!
  3. Write a description of your pet’s costume. Be sure to include colours, patterns, special accessories, and how your pet feels wearing it. Remember to give your costume a fun and loveable name!
  4. Share your pet’s costume design, and let’s spread the Valentine’s Day spirit at the pet parade.
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