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Picture Prompt

Heart Of Gold Writing Prompt

The child in the image has discovered a golden light that represents kindness. Imagine that this light gives them the power to spread kindness wherever they go. Your task is to write about a challenge they face in their community, school, or family where they use their ‘heart of gold’ to make a difference. What is the challenge, and how does their kindness transform the situation?

Warm-Up Discussion Questions

Have you ever heard of the saying ‘they have a heart of gold’?

What are some ways that kindness can be shown to others?

How do you think a heart of gold could help solve problems?

Can you think of a time when someone’s kindness made a big difference in your life?

What challenges do you notice in your community or school where kindness can be helpful?

How might the child in the story feel about having the power to spread kindness?

What kind of actions could the child with the golden light take to improve a difficult situation?

Why do you think kindness is important when dealing with conflicts or problems?

What creative methods can the child use to show kindness to others?

How can small acts of kindness lead to big changes?

In what ways do you think others will react to the kindness spread by the child?

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