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Kindness Potion Picture Prompt

Imagine a young witch who brews a special potion to spread kindness. On Valentine’s Day, she accidentally spills it into the town’s water supply, and suddenly, everyone starts doing wonderfully kind things! Your task is to write a story about what happens next. Think about how the townspeople react and the funny, kind, or unexpected things they might do. Use your imagination to create a tale that shows the power of kindness. Remember, creative writing has no right or wrong answers, just your unique ideas and storytelling!

Warm-Up Discussion Questions

What might be some of the first signs that the potion is working in the town?

How would the young witch react when she realizes what she has done?

What are some examples of kind acts that the townspeople could start doing?

Can you think of any funny or unusual consequences of everyone being extra kind?

How might the potion affect relationships between characters in our story?

What challenges might arise from everyone being kind at the same time?

How might the town be different the day after Valentine’s Day because of the potion?

Could there be anyone in the town resistant to the potion’s effects? How would they react?

What role could animals or pets play in a town filled with kindness?

How would you conclude the story to express the message of the power of kindness?

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