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Valentine Tree Writing Prompt

In the small, sleepy town of Heartville, there’s a secret that only the children know. At the very edge of town, hidden behind Mrs. Lila’s bakery, stands a magnificent tree unlike any other. This tree is known to the kids as the Valentine’s Day Tree. Every year, as Valentine’s Day approaches, this tree does something magical: it grows heart-shaped fruits in various shades of pink and red.

Legend has it that these heart fruits have special powers. Some say they can make you understand the language of birds, while others believe they can instantly make two people become the best of friends. But no one knows because the fruits disappear each year on Valentine’s Night, taken by a mysterious figure no one has ever seen.

This year, you and your friends have decided to uncover the mystery. You plan a secret sleepover in Mrs. Lila’s backyard the night before Valentine’s Day. Your mission: to watch the tree, discover the powers of the heart fruits, and find out who or what takes them away each year.

As you settle down in your hidden camp, the adventure begins. Strange whispers float through the air, shadows dance in the moonlight, and the Valentine’s Day Tree seems to be humming a soft, enchanting melody.

Your Task

  1. Describe the Valentine’s Day Tree and the setting around it.
  2. What does the tree look like, and how does the atmosphere change as night falls.
  3. Introduce your group of friends. Who are they, and what special skills or qualities does each friend bring to this adventure?
  4. What happens as you wait for the mystery to unfold? Do you encounter any animals, magical beings, or unexpected events?
  5. When the moment arrives, who or what comes to take the fruits? Is it a person, an animal, or something else entirely? What happens when you meet them?
  6. Finally, reveal the secret of the heart fruits. What are their powers, and how do they affect your group or the town of Heartville?
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