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Picture Prompt

Colorful Raindrops Picture Prompt

After weeks of scorching heat, the first drop of rain brings relief and an unexpected change. You begin to notice that every raindrop you touch sparkles with colour. Write about a day spent discovering what these vibrant droplets can do and how they change your world.

Warm-Up Discussion Questions

Are they regular raindrops or are they magical raindrops?

How do you normally feel during a hot summer day, and how does that change when it starts to rain?

What colors do you imagine the sparkling raindrops would have, and why do you think each colour was chosen?

Can you describe how the world around you might look different when the raindrops start to sparkle?

How long does the rain last for?

What new and unexpected things do you think could happen when it rains?

How might animals and plants react to the rain, and why do you think they would react that way?

How would you explain to a friend what is happening?

If you were going to draw a picture of this colorful rainy day, what would you include in your drawing?

What lessons do you think people could learn from this wonderful change in the rain? Think about themes like appreciation, adaptation, and wonder.

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