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Exploring The Maze Writing Prompt

Rumours swirl around the old maze at the edge of town. They say there’s a special gate in the middle of this labyrinth. Is it a door to a place where dragons fly or a secret passage to the past? No one knows for sure. You decide to explore the maze to find out. Write about the hidden messages you spot on the leaves, the friendly animals that seem to guide you, and the surprises you find as you search for the maze’s secret heart.

Warm-Up Discussion Questions

What do you think the special gate in the maze looks like and where do you imagine it might lead?

Can you describe the hidden messages you might find on the leaves inside the maze?

What kind of friendly animals do you picture living in the maze, and how do they help explorers?

As you walk through the maze, what are some surprising things you might discover?

How would you feel if you were exploring this mysterious maze, and what would you do if you felt lost?

What senses would you use to navigate the maze and what would you see, hear, or smell?

How could teamwork help when exploring the maze and solving its puzzles?

What sorts of challenges do you think you might face in the maze, and how would you overcome them?

If the maze had a secret at its heart, what do you hope it would be and why?

How would the experience of exploring the maze change you or teach you something new?

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