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Storm Whisperer Writing Prompt

As you hold the ancient talisman, the storm around you calms to a whisper. You’ve just discovered you’re the Storm Whisperer, destined to tame the wild weather that plagues your coastal village. Write about your first encounter with the storm’s fury and how you harness your newfound powers.

Warm-Up Discussion Questions

Describe standing in the middle of a storm.

Can you describe what the ancient talisman might look like and how it feels to hold it?

What are some emotions you might experience as you discover you have the power to tame storms?

What challenges might the Storm Whisperer face when using their powers for the first time?

How can the Storm Whisperer’s abilities be a benefit to their coastal village?

Why do you think the Storm Whisperer was chosen to have these powers?

How do you think the villagers would react to a sudden change in weather?

In what ways can controlling weather be dangerous or beneficial?

What would you do if you discovered you had a hidden power that could help others?

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