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Picture Prompt

Rainbow Crystal Adventure Picture Prompt

One sunny morning, a fairy on a ladybug lands on your windowsill and tells you about a spell cast on the garden, turning all the flowers gray. Write about your adventure to find the Rainbow Crystal that can bring back the garden’s color.

Warm-Up Discussion Questions

What special qualities do you think a fairy might have to help on the adventure?

How would you describe the way the garden looks after the spell?

What obstacles can you imagine might be in the way to finding the Rainbow Crystal?

Who else in the garden do you think could be affected by the gray spell, and why?

How do you suppose the Rainbow Crystal got its power to bring back color?

What would you do if you were the fairy trying to convince someone to help you?

Can you think of any special tools or items you might need on your journey?

What emotions might you feel if you saw all the flowers in your garden turn gray?

How would you celebrate if you were able to find the Rainbow Crystal and restore the garden’s color?

What lessons do you think could be learned from this adventure?

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