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Abandoned Building Whispers Creative Writing Prompt

Amid a heavy storm, you find shelter in an abandoned building. As you run down the hallway seeking a safe spot, your footsteps stir whispers in the air, voices of the past that can’t quite let go of this place. The voices grow louder with each step, sharing stories of joy and sorrow that once filled these walls. Write about the tales they tell you, how they change your perception of the building and your decision after hearing them.

Warm-Up Discussion Questions

How can a storm influence the atmosphere of a story?

What emotions might you feel while finding shelter in an abandoned building during a storm?

Can you describe what an abandoned hallway might look like and how it could make you feel?

What are some ways people leave behind memories or stories in a place?

Why do you think the voices in the story share tales of joy and sorrow?

How might hearing voices of the past change the way a character sees the abandoned building?

What kind of stories could the walls of an old building have to tell?

Can you think of any sounds besides voices that might be heard in an old hallway?

If you were in the character’s shoes, would you be scared, curious, or something else?

After hearing these voices, what would you do—keep exploring or find a way out?

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