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Save The Forest Creative Writing Prompt

Picture this: the snowy forest, with its whispering pines and silent nights, faces a significant threat that could change it forever. The gentle giant who has been the guardian of this winter wonderland for centuries now needs our help. This giant, a friend to every creature and the keeper of the forest’s secrets cannot fight this battle alone. Write a powerful speech that will rally friends, family, and even the town to come together and join forces with the giant. Your words should be persuasive and inspire them to take action and save the forest.

Warm-Up Discussion Questions

What are some qualities that make the giant a good protector for the winter forest?

Why do you think the forest is important to both the giant and the surrounding community?

Can you think of any threats that could endanger a snowy forest? What kind of help might the giant need?

How might losing the forest affect the animals, plants, and people who depend on it?

What qualities would you want to highlight about the giant to inspire people to help?

Why do you think it’s important for the community to work together with the giant to save the forest?

What are some possible reasons the giant can’t fight the threat alone?

How do you think the forest and its creatures might feel about the approaching danger?

What actions can the townspeople take to help the giant and protect the forest?

How can small actions by many individuals add up to make a big difference in protecting the forest?

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