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Adventure Camp Picture Prompt

On your first day at an incredible adventure camp, you can try out a new flying umbrella, the ‘hoverbrella.’ It lifts you high above the trees, and you spot a secret spot full of rare animals and plants no one knows about. Write a story about your adventure and the new friends you make in this hidden part of the forest.

Warm-Up Discussion Questions

What would you pack in your backpack for a day at an adventure camp?

How would you feel if you were lifted high above the trees? Describe your emotions.

Can you imagine discovering a hidden spot in the forest? What unique animals or plants might you find there?

If you could talk to the animals you meet, what would you ask them?

What dangers might you encounter in this secret part of the forest, and how would you overcome them?

Describe the hoverbrella. How does it work? What does it look like? How does it make you feel to fly with it?

Who do you meet in this hidden forest and how do they become your friends?

What kind of games or activities could you play with your new friends in the forest?

How would you navigate through the trees and the landscape? What landmarks would you use?

At the end of your adventure, how would you ensure that the secret spot remains protected?

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