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Bee Riding Adventure Writing Prompt

Today was a fantastic day! You became tiny and got to ride on a bee’s back, just like a superhero. Write a recount of this adventure. Describe your ride through the garden. Where did you go? What amazing things did you see? How did you feel soaring high and buzzing past the flowers? Write about all the small, amazing things you found on your big journey.

Warm-Up Discussion Questions

How would you describe the feeling of shrinking down to a tiny size before riding on the bee?

What do you imagine the garden looks like from the perspective of a tiny person on a bee’s back?

What sounds do you think you would hear while flying through the garden?

Can you list some of the creatures or plants you might encounter on your journey?

What would you pack for your adventure on a bee’s back, and why?

How would you communicate with your bee and create a bond for your flight?

What challenges do you think you might face on your ride, and how would you overcome them?

How might the other insects react to seeing you ride on a bee?

If you discovered something unexpected on your journey, how would you explore it?

After your adventure, how would you share your story with your friends or family?

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