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Future Self Picture Prompt

In the magical village of Luminara, there’s a unique tradition. On their 12th birthday, children glimpse their future for one day. Today, Alex wakes up excitedly, only to find himself staring into the eyes of his older self. Write a narrative about what wisdom and stories the more senior Alex shares with the young Alex. What adventures, lessons, and unexpected turns does the future hold? How does young Alex react to these revelations?

Warm-Up Discussion Questions

What changes do you think occur between young Alex’s time and old Alex’s time?

How do you imagine young Alex feels when he sees his future self for the first time?

What kind of lessons could old Alex have learned that he would want to share with young Alex?

If you were to meet your older self, what questions would you have for them?

How can young Alex use the advice from his older self to make better choices now?

What stories from his life do you think old Alex might share with young Alex?

Can you think of any reasons why it would be important for young Alex to remember his encounter with his future self?

What advice do you think is so important that old Alex would travel back in time to give it?

How might young Alex show gratitude for this unique birthday experience?

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