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Picture Prompt

Winter Wonderland Adventure Picture Prompt

In the Winter Wonderland, animals have a magical tradition of creating snow sculptures overnight. This morning, Sammy wakes up to a special surprise—a huge apple sculpture! But who could have left this for him? Write about his adventure to find out.

Warm-Up Discussion Questions

Who are Sammy’s friends, and how might they help in his adventure to discover the sculptor?

Why do you think the animals have the tradition of creating snow sculptures?

What do you imagine Sammy the squirrel might feel upon seeing the huge apple sculpture?

What clues might Sammy look for to find out who created the sculpture?

Describe how the apple sculpture was made.

What magical abilities do you think the animals in Winter Wonderland have that could aid in making such sculptures?

As Sammy goes on his adventure, what challenges do you think he will face?

If Sammy finds the creator of the sculpture, what do you think he would say or do?

How do you think Sammy’s adventure to find the creator of the sculpture will end?

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