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Picture Prompt

Pete The Pizza Slice Picture Prompt

In a world where food and people are one, a slice of pizza named Pete steps out to find the missing ingredient that makes him complete. Join Pete on his cheesy adventure through the town. What ingredient is he looking for, and who does he meet along the way?

Warm-Up Discussion Questions

If you were Pete the pizza slice, what missing ingredient would you be looking for to feel complete?

What kind of world does Pete live in? Describe it.

What kind of obstacles might Pete encounter on his journey through town?

Who are some friendly or interesting characters Pete might meet on his adventure?

How do you think Pete feels about being a slice of pizza?

Why do you think the missing ingredient is so important for Pete to find?

What places would Pete visit in the town to look for his missing ingredient?

Can you think of a clever way that Pete might ask for help on his journey?

Imagine you are writing the ending of the story. How does Pete find his missing ingredient, and what happens next?

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