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Create A New Drink Writing Prompt

Create a new drink that everyone should try. What’s the name of your concoction? Describe the colours, the fizz, and the flavours. Consider whether it’s sweet, sour, or a mix of both. Write about the ingredients and how each one adds to the taste. Is it a summer cooler or a winter warmer? What kind of person would enjoy it most? Sell your drink with a description that makes it irresistible to customers.

Warm-Up Discussion Questions

What name would you give your special drink, and why do you think it suits the beverage?

Can you describe the colours you imagine in your drink and explain what these colours make you feel?

Is there a particular flavor or combination of flavors that you think might taste good together?

Would you add fizz to your drink? How do you think fizziness affects the experience of drinking it?

Consider whether your drink would be sweet, sour, or a combination of both. What ingredients would you use to achieve this taste?

What kind of ingredients would you include in your drink to make it unique?

Is your concoction intended to be a summer cooler or a winter warmer?

For whom do you think your drink would be most appealing, and why would they enjoy it?

How would you present your drink to make it irresistible? Think about the glassware, garnishes, or any special effects like smoke or layers.

What occasion or event do you think your drink would be perfect for?

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