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Picture Prompt

Winged Horse Adventure Writing Prompt

High atop a mountain under a blanket of stars, you and your winged horse prepare for an incredible journey. Where will you fly to, and what mythical creatures will you encounter along the way?

Warm-Up Discussion Questions

What special abilities does your winged horse have that can help you during your journey?

How do you take care of your winged horse before and after your flight?

What kind of landscapes do you hope to see while flying through the sky?

What mythical creatures might you encounter and what are they like?

Can you describe the feelings you have as you sit on your winged horse, ready to take off?

What items would you pack for a journey through the sky on a winged horse?

What challenges could you and your winged horse face while flying at night?

How would you navigate through the stars to reach your destination?

What might be the reasons behind your incredible journey on a winged horse?

If you could bring a friend, who would it be and why would you choose them for your adventure?

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